Tips on Maximising Space with a Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom makeover is an excellent opportunity to improve the functioning and beauty of your house. Many UK homes, particularly in metropolitan areas where space is limited, have the challenge of making the most of every square inch available. Whether you have a small ensuite or a small family bathroom, here are some key tips to help you maximise your space with a bathroom renovation.

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How to maximise space in your bathroom 

maximise space in a bathroom

Install a corner washbasin

A corner sink across from the toilet performs better than a sink across from the shower. The opening and closing of the shower door typically results in an awkward walk-around scenario. Corner sinks are a great way to reduce space while remaining elegant and useful.

Use a sliding door

Shower doors with hinges may not always be the ideal option for tiny bathrooms. Installing a sliding door or a shower curtain might help you conserve room. A shower curtain that glides back and forth saves more room than a glass door that opens and closes.

Extend the counter over the toilet

This is a simple and practical approach to gain some more counter space. An extended counter makes a continuous surface and provides additional storage space underneath. This little extension attractively simplifies the bathroom and is a practical method to increase space without changing the location of the toilet.

Select a vanity with open shelving

Cabinetry with closed doors can make a tiny bathroom seem even smaller. Consider a vanity with open shelves to keep the area airy and visually increase the space. It's an excellent method to showcase towels or keep toiletry baskets, offering practicality and style while taking up little room.

Mount the towel bar on a door

When space is limited, putting a towel bar on the shower door or the rear of the main door allows you to keep towels close at hand without taking up more wall space. This method takes advantage of frequently neglected locations, ensuring that every aspect of the bathroom is thoroughly maximised.

Opt for large-scale patterns

A large-scale pattern, such as wide stripes, can fool the eye into perceiving more space. The larger the pattern, the more convincing the illusion. While it may appear illogical to utilise huge patterns in a tiny space, such designs can visually extend the space.

Install a wall-mounted toilet

If you're looking for something a little more advanced, consider installing a wall-mounted toilet. The tank is hidden behind the wall, saving a few valuable inches in a tiny location. This not only saves space but also makes cleaning the floor more convenient.

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